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Do the glass designs stay the same?

Because we use recycled bottles we cannot guarantee a constant supply of one bottle type. Therefore our designs change slightly with the shape, colour and size of the original bottle
available. We can guarantee that all our glasses will look fantastic and be great to drink from. The uniqueness of each glass and the constantly changing range is what makes our glasses so special.

How is the glass joined to the base of the glass?

Ah! That’s our secret and our lips will remain as tightly sealed as the envelope in the patent office!

Dishwasher safe ?

The tumblers are dishwasher safe.  We ask that you handwash the goblets and not wash them in the dishwasher.  If you require glasses that are dishwasher proof then we recommend the frosted tumblers.


Does the glass ever leak or the base come off?

This is really rare. Maybe 1 in 5000 glasses has a glitch. Every glass is checked at each part of its
journey from bottle to gorgeous glass. Both the surfaces of the neck and the base are ground to
ensure a perfect fit. Just occasionally the bottle itself is a bit wonky or one of the surfaces is not
quite clean and then we might get a gap in the join. Usually our quality checks spot any glasses
like this.  We will replace free of charge any glasses that are not top quality or break.  Just give us a call and we will send out a replacement glass.


How are the designs put onto the glasses?

All the frosted glasses are sandblasted which causes a permanent micro-pitting on the glass surface. Designs on clear glasses are either sandblasted or fired on as an enamel transfer at 580 degrees. We do not use acid etching.

Are your products guaranteed and can they be returned if they are defective in any way?

Yes and yes. All our products are replaced free of charge if there is a problem.

So you’re just a bunch of worthy hippies then?

Not a sandal between us! We’re all professionals who have swapped the rat race and commuting
for a life by the coast in Cornwall. Green Glass was just a great idea that made so much sense
that we couldn’t resist it. OK – we will admit to keeping a couple of surfboards at the ready and
we do try to be rather green but you won’t find any hand knitted jumpers here.

So how green are you?

So green we are positively mouldy! No seriously, we are trying to run a sustainable and ethical
business that we can be proud of. Our processes are designed to be as energy efficient as
possible and we filter and reuse all our water in the factory. We use recycled material wherever
possible for our packaging and make sure all our suppliers are on the ball as well. We’ve won the
Business Challenge Awards for energy, environment and community to prove it.


  Greenglass, Trading Green, UK, Unit 1, Knights Business Centre, Palmers Way, Trenant Industrial Estate, Wadebridge, Cornwall UK PL27 6HB. Tel/Fax: +44(0)12088 12531 Email: