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Please help us to recycle more bottles ! - this page under construction

One of the biggest problems we face as a company is getting hold of enough bottles to make all the glasses everyone wants.  It is often the case that we can‘t get hold of all the bottles you like (Grolsch, Sol, Corona) and get too many of the things that you won‘t buy (Brown beer bottles !).

If you are local to Green Glass and can bring bottles to us we really need the following and are prepared to pay for them !

Smirnoff Vodla 75cl - £0.20 per bottle washed and de-labeled

Corona Bottle 33cl - £0.20 per bottle washed and the slice of lemon taken out !

Grolsch 450ml swing top - £0.35 per bottle washed and de-labeled

Smirnoff Ice 330ml - £0.20 per bottle washed and de-labeled

Brahama Beer Bottle - £0.20 per bottle washed and de-labeled

Desperados Beer bottle - £0.20 per bottle washed and de-labeled

J20 Juice Bottle - £0.20 per bottle washed and de-labeled

Reef Bottle - £0.20 per bottle washed and de-labeled

Most glass bottles that are put into bottle banks or into kerbside collections in the UK never get sorted but are broken or crushed almost immediately so we rely on larger sources of bottles such as large clubs, businesses and bottlers and drinks manufacturers.  Some companies like Tuaca (Bacardi-Brown Forman) are incredibly supportive and collect all the bottles they use at tastings and corporate events and send them to us for transformation into glasses (thanks guys !) We also get bottles from other countries where reuse of bottles is common place and it is a sad fact that it is cheaper to buy washed recycled bottles from Canada than it is to collect them here in the UK !  But we are on a mission to change the status quo and get more whole bottle recycling and reuse in the UK.  Deposits on bottles, whole bottle collection systems and re-use of bottles are common in Europe, Canada, USA etc so why can‘t we do it in the UK ?

Because of the type of machinery that we use and the fact that we need to have a reliable supply to offer our customers we need roughly 1000 bottles of one type to make it worth us producing a glass from a particular bottle.  We also need the bottles packed in such a way that they can be shipped to us via the pallet network which means either in their original cases, crates or in some sort of pallet box.  Here are some pictures of how we like to receive our bottles ....









The main bottles that we need are Grolsch (any size), Corona, Sol and Reef.  But if you have a large quantity of one bottle type (not mixed bottles) then we would be happy to consider adding these to our range.

We pay for recycled bottles that have been washed and have had the paper labels removed (Corks, stoppers, caps and metal also need to be removed).  If you have any bottles that you think we may be interested in then give us a call and we‘ll let you know how much we would be prepared to pay for them.

We are currently preparing a price list of what we can pay for a range off wine and beer bottles (washed and de-labelled) with pictures of the bottles - so watch this space .....





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